Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Don't Know Jacques & Chocolate Taupe Dupe? (Picture Heavy)

NYX's Chocolate Taupe a dupe for OPI's You Don't Know Jacques? Let's see and find out:

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On the Spotlight

NYX Chocolate Taupe
Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy
3 coats, No top coat

Day Light, Indoors, No Flash

Day light, Indoors, with Flash

OPI You Don't Know Jacques
Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy
No Top Coat
Day light, Indoors, No flash

Day light, Indoors, with flash

Looking at the photos separately, you would say that these aren't dupes because one is darker than the other. So I decided to put them together side by side to really see the big difference. Base Coat: OPI NE and no topcoat.

Indoors, no flash

Day light, indoors, with flash

They looked pretty much the same to me. The finish was almost the same except for YDKJ had a higher shine than CT. If you look real close though and stare at it for a while, you'll notice that YDKJ is slightly darker than CT. But seriously, I could go out and where it together like this and no one will notice! Unless it's someone with a magnifying glass observing every detail on my nails, then I'd be really weirded out..wwwaaayyy too close to my personal space. The verdict? I'd say they're dupes. Yay! A $1.59 bottle (NYX) comparable to a $8.50 bottle (OPI)!

So what do you think? Do you have in your stash a possible dupe that might compare to YDKJ?

And here, a little mishap with my sneaky two year old boy.
So I just finished swatching these colors and left my polish on my table. My son feeling sneaky, takes my YDKJ polish, sees me eying him out, and tries to hide it behind his back. I asked him for it back nicely but he thought it would be fun to make a run for it. And OMG, did he run... into our warehouse, drops the polish by accident, and comes running back in the house with a sad look on his face knowing he's gonna get it from me. I already figured what happened and went to access the scene and this is what I saw...

I was sooo sad... 
The poor polish didn't even have a chance to fully cover all my nails! 

I wanted to scold and yell at my son but was too sad to do that. But then I saw my bottle of Chocolate Taupe...((smiles & shrugs)). I couldn't get mad at my two year old over a broken bottle of polish (even at the cost of $8.50 + tax). He saw how sad I was and gave me hug and told me sorry. On the brighter side of things, I have Chocolate Taupe to keep me happy for a while before I buy another bottle of YDKJ, and I was able to swatch it for you before it broke.

Have a Happy Hump-Day Wednesday! Friday is halfway there! =)

♥, Kristine


  1. Aww... I'm upset your YDKJ smashed! I probably would had cried :( Glad you have chocolate taupe to keep you company for now. I landed here from googling swatches of chocolate taupe, I wish we'd get NYX over here in the UK! (I'm your new follower!)

  2. Jellyfluff, thanks for following! The more the merrier! And yes, I was very much sad and wanted to cry but what was done is done. =( anyway, thanks again!

  3. oops!! too bad, so sorry.
    Love the shape of your nails.

  4. Thanks for your awesome detailed report. The side by side sold me, love dupes :)