Monday, August 23, 2010

My Polish Rack

When I saw Manatee Mama's "comfy cosmetic corner" rigged with three home made polish racks, I was in awe! (All those pretty polishes o_O!) I NEED a polish rack or two for my growing collection of polishes. I didn't want to buy an acrylic one like they have in salons only because, well, i didn't want to spend money on something we can simply make. So I excitedly asked my hubby to make me one =). I contacted Manatee Mama and asked her for the dimensions for her polish racks and she responded with no problem. My hubby altered the original dimensions given due to spacing in our place. 

In case you'd like to make your own polish rack...
This rack measures 3'x2'
We used 3"x1" wood to make the entire shelf.
I have a little over 80/90 polishes and I still have room on the bottom for more =)
We used thick fishing line to secure polishes so in case of an earthquake, the polishes won't fall off. (or so we hope it won't ;))
The spacing between the shelves are about 5 inches apart.
Hubby working hard on making my polish rack ^_^. I love him =D!

We spent $0.00 for all the materials because my husband's parents own a construction business and we were able to gather extra wood that weren't being used. But according to Mama Manatee, it cost her around $30 to build all three of her polish racks. That's cheaper than one acrylic wall rack that'll cost between $17-$30!

I've had my polishes in shoe boxes, bins, drawers, and I always got frustrated because I could never keep it organize. I feel that having them on a rack best suits me so I can see what color I want to use next and being that it's out in the open, I always want to keep it nice and organized because it's prettier to look at.

How do you organize your polishes?
Do you have them in boxes? Bins? Drawers?
Would you prefer them on a rack or are you happy with the way you have you polishes organized?

Thanks for looking =)
♥, Kristine