Thursday, July 29, 2010

OPI My Private Jet and Missing Konad Stamper

I've been craving to do a konad manicure lately but I couldn't find my stamper. I searched and searched; and where did I find it? Under the couch! How did it look like? Like this:
The rubber part was missing! gah! Instead of the rubber part, I found chocolate wrappers inside of it! Of course I was mad, but I couldn't do anything at the moment because my little boy wasn't home with me. *Sigh* Oh the joy of motherhood :\

On the other hand, I needed a polish fix. Here is OPI My Private Jet (not the original)

I just picked this up tonight and was excited to try it out so these are all taken with flash. I'm not sure which of the many versions I have but I'm gonna guess it's not the original so if any of you know which one it is, that'll be great!
I can only imagine how much greater the orginal version would be from the looks of what I've seen from other bloggers who own the original MPJ. I'm just gonna settle with this version for now until I get my hands on the original one.

Which version do you have? Are you satisfied with it?



  1. This one looks great, it doesn't matter if it's holo or not. I have non-original version too :)

  2. I have OPI "my private jet" as well. Purchased it last Fall. On my fair complexion it has a purplish cast to it. I have it posted on my blog at I don't know which version I have either. In the bottle it's a shimmery gunmetal color...on my nails...purple.

  3. I think it's gorgeous, regardless of which version it is :)

  4. Very nice colors! The polish is great too. I was wondering if you could also post the pictures in this blog?

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