Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Mani

Here's my Valentine's Day mani. Sweet & simple; not so crazy & not too boring. 

Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy
Tips: NYX Hot Pink
Silver Lining: Milani Nail Art- Art of Silver
Design: Konad Image Plate m73 w/ Orly-White Tips
Konad Image Plate m56 (small heart) w/ Orly- White Tips
Top Coat: CND Effects-Sapphire Sparkle & Seche Vite 

Thanks for looking! Have a LOVE-ly Valentine's Day!

♥, Kristine

Monday, February 7, 2011

Milani Digital & M57

Milani Digital, a medium holographic pink stamped with Konad's m57 image plate.
Base Color: Milani - Digital
Konad IM: m57 with Essie Licorice 
Top Coat: Seche Vite

I also used this design on Pure Ice Kiss Me.
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Thanks for looking! 

♥, Kristine

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Wow, how long has it been??? a month, a year? ok, three months. But it feels like it's been at least a year. I've pretty much abandoned polishedloveaffair AND my nails all in all. For a while there I've been feeling a bit "eh" about my blog and my style of blogging. I was trying to change it up but didn't know how to approach it and it started feeling like a job almost (which i started to hate). I've made promises that I didn't follow through on and that just made me into a liar. I'm not sure if anyone really even reads or pays attention to this blog, but if you do, thank you and I'm sorry.

I would however though, like to get back into blogging because I love to polish my nails and try new things out and also sharing it with other polish lovers like me...but I think I need to take this one step at a time. I miss blogging and I miss playing around with my nail polish. With all that said, I'm sorry for disappointing anyone who expected more from me and Thank you to all those who stuck around =).

Here's to a new year and a new expectations, and no promises...I will just be here to share and do what I can. =)