Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Date Night

Ok, with all the excitement with the Hard Candy haul I just had, I overlooked how beautiful Date Night really is. After all the swatching and picture taking this morning, I decided on wearing Date Night because it was an overall pretty color and its been a while since I wore something glittery (besides my first holo). So this is what I sported today:
It's like looking at a new diamond ring under the sun!
Photo: Daytime, Outdoor, no flash

This is just to show you how sparkly it is.
Photo: Afternoon, Indoor Window, flash

A smooth application with really fine glitters. I can't tell but I think it has a clear base. This polish has so much glitter packed in there that it is it's own color. I needed more than 3 coats to make this opaque (I stopped counting after 3 hehe) but it looks beautiful even when it's sheer. This is something I would definitely wear on a date night ;)
At the end of my day, these nails were screaming Konad!
I kept it cute and simple and added a little bling to it. 
I used Konad's white special nail polish and IP m56.
Added rhinestones and topped it with some Seche Vite.
Photo: Evening, Indoor, Artificial lighting, no flash.
Hope you like it!

Any suggestions on my next post? Color, konad, you tell me...I'll be glad to give 'em a try.

♥, Kristine