Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hard Candy Haul (picture heavy)

I got really excited for Diana's Hard Candy Giveaway that I needed to go check out my local Wal-mart to see if we had the brand in store. Before I entered this giveaway, I never noticed that they carried nail polishes in that brand; but when i got to the store, omg! they were too cute to pass out on so I had to get me a few just to try.

Here's the swatches on my nails. The colors are true to the image in real life. 

This was a lovely blue but on my nails, it seemed kind green like teal color. I tried to capture it in the picture but i kept giving me this blue. Otherwise a pretty color.

A pretty neutral color.

Extra photos I took. Click to enlarge.

All the colors were beautiful. I wish I bought it all but my budget didn't fit the price for all at the time so the rest will have to wait. I liked the creaminess of the formula but I wish it wasn't so runny. Don't get me wrong...even though they were runny, the cream colors applied very opaque and I was able to achieve complete coverage with two coats. As for the shimmer and glitter colors, its expected that it'll take more than just two coats to make them opaque. Overall, I love it and I'd buy them all! Perhaps I'll win the giveaway and not have to get the rest ^_^. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

♥, Kristine

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  1. I see that you like as much as I do Hard Candy polishes. Their little bottles are so cute hehe