Thursday, April 8, 2010

NYX nail polish haul, Burt's Bee, and NOTD

I just couldn't resist on passing on this purchase. At $1.59 a bottle, you can't go wrong! I was so happy =)

Excited as I was when I got home, I couldn't wait to try out the polishes. They don't even have a top coat on! i just wanted to take a picture of it. This one is with NXY's Woman and Dynamic Glitter.

I wanted to share my beloved cuticle cream that I can't leave the house without. I love how it quenches my cuticles when they're dry. And the smell...oh the smell, just so lemon-y fresh!

I'd like to do a giveaway soon but I don't know what to giveaway...of course nail polish (duh) but as far as what brand and other extras. The reason for the giveaway? Just because i'm feeling a bit generous. So please a little help on what would be a great first giveaway! =)

♥, Kristine

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